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  • Make Payment to Receive 3 - 4hrs of Customized Continual Mixing!
  • DJ Private Lessons

    From: $70.00 / week for 4 weeks

    Private DJ Lessons 1 - 6 Month Classes

    Private DJ Lessons are the perfect starting point for anyone looking to learn to DJ or enhance your DJ skills.  DJ Mike’s hands-on instruction will teach you the fundamentals of mixing, blending, and scratching. No matter your music tastes or commitment level, DJ Mike will teach you what you need to move to that next level in the DJ-ing Business.

    You Will Learn: (Classes Are 2 Hours)

    A. Music Theory (Counting Beats & Bars) B. Ethics (Do's & Don'ts Of Being A Professional DJ-ing) C. Intro To beat-mixing (How & When To Mix Music. How to Create Your On Breaks In A Mix) D. Techniques To Reading A Crowd E. Learning How To Play To Any Crowd F. Music Organization (Set-up Smart Playlist & Playlist) - *Additional Price* G. Methods To Marketing Your DJ Business H. The Importance Of Practicing I. How To Probe Potential Clients J. Basic & Advance scratching Note: There Will Be One Class Weekly For 1 - 12 Months (48 Classes). We Also Offer Our Library At An Additional Cost (Over 300,000 Songs)
  • Customize Web Design


    We will create a customized website that will fit your business needs. All our sites or built based on your needs. Our prices do vary from our original price scale based on your needs.

  • Custom Logo Creation


    Let Us Help You To Make An Imprint That Will Last a LifetimeWith Your Business...

  • Need Help Making The Right Business Decision? We Can Help You...

  • Need Training On DJ & Other Music Software...

  • Video Library


    Complete Music Videos With Old/New Videos...

  • DJ Library Only / PC


    The Perfect Way To Build Your Library & Be Ready To DJ...

  • Music DL Update + PC


    (Providing you with the Latest DJ Downloads Of Old & New Songs)

  • Music DL Update


    (Providing you with the Latest DJ Downloads Of Old & New Songs)

  • One Hour Minimum ($125.00 Hourly)

  • One Hour Minimum ($100.00 Hourly)

  • One Hour Minimum ($50.00 Hourly)

  • Sale!

    Public Enemy Mix with all of the Hottest Jamz that they produced. This is a Collector Item...

  • Sale!

    Old School R&B Hitz

    This is a Party & A Party. Some of the best Hitz from the 70's & 80's. If you would like to Party, This The Mix For You...
  • Sale!

    Trap Musix

    This is the something that you can have a great time with. This is Trap at it's finest.
  • Sale!

    Smooth Hip Hop

    Smooth Hip Hop that you can Ride to. Take a Trip & Jam...
  • Sale!

    One House To Jam

    This is some of the best Classic House Music you will Come Across. DJ Mike has created a masterpiece with this One.
  • Sale!

    Hottest Mentals

    There is nothing like Listening to a Great Instrumental. But, to have 3hrs. of Hot Instrumentals Mixed. You Got To Have This One...
  • Sale!
    If you are looking for something to just relax to, this is it. DJ Mike has put together a 3hrs Smooth Jazz Mix with a Little Twist that you will Love....
  • Sale!

    I Love My MTV Mix

    3 Hours of Your Best Jamz From the MTV Era. DJ Mike has put together a Mix that will have you dancing like "Carton" from Fresh Prince. Get It Now!
  • Sale!
    New Edition In Da Mix Vol. Z 2:35 Minutes of HITZ 1. New Edition (Ralph Tresvant) - Do What I Gotta Do 2. New Edition - Lost In Love 3. Bell Biv DiVoe - When Will I See You Smile Again (Intro Clean) 4. New Edition - New Edition - JEALOUS GIRL 5. New Edition - I'm Still In Love With You (Intro Clean) 6. New Edition - New Edition - Is This The End 7. New Edition - Can You Stand The Rain (Intro Clean) 8. Bobby Brown - Roni (Extended) 9. Johnny Gill - My My My (Intro Clean) 10. Bobby Brown - Rock Wit Cha (Extended) 11. New Edition - Boys To Men (remix) 12. New Edition - You Don't Have To Worry (Intro Outro) (Clean) 13. Bobby Brown - Good Enough 14. New Edition - Mr. Telephone Man (Clean) (Extended) 15. New Edition - New Edition - N.E. Heartbreak 16. New Edition - You're Not My Kind Of Girl (Clean) (Extended) 17. Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity (Good Volume) 18. New Edition - If It Isn't Love (Intro Outro) 19. Bobby Brown - Every Little Step (Intro Clean) 20. New Edition - A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes) 21. Bobby Brown - Don't Be Cruel (Intro Clean) 22. New Edition - All On You (Intro Clean) 23. Bobby Brown - On Our Own (Extended) 24. New Edition - Popcorn Love (Intro Clean) 25. New Edition - Candy Girl (Extended) 26. Johnny Gill - Fairweather Friend 27. Bell Biv DeVoe - BBD (I Thought It Was Me) (Extended) 28. Bell Biv Devoe - Do Me! 29. Bell Biv Devoe - She's Dope! 30. Ralph Tresvant - Money Can't Buy You Love (LP Version Intro Edit) 31. Bobby Brown - My Prerogative (Extended Remix Hot) 32. Bobby Brown - Humpin Around (Intro Clean) 33. Johnny Gill - Rub You The Right Way (Extended) 34. Bell Biv Devoe - Poison (Original 12" Mix) 35. New Edition - Cool It Now (Extended) 36. New Edition - Count Me Out (Clean) (Extended) 37. New Edition - My Secret (Didja Gitit Yet?) 38. Bobby Brown - Girlfriend
  • Sale!
  • Sale!


  • Sale!

    Hot Like Fire Vol.X



    Get It Today!!!!!!!

  • Sale!
    Don't Let It Go Pass You!!! DJ Mike Did It Big On This One!!!! Over 2hrs of Straight Crunk....
  • Sale!
    Don't Let This Pass You By... This Is Crunk At It's Finest!!! DJ Mike has Did It Again For You!!! Over 2hrs of Straight Crunk....
  • Sale!

    This Let This Special Mix Done By DJ Mike Showing Love To Tribe Called Quest and Others!

    Special Price $40.00

  • Sale!

    Don't Miss Out On This Hot Electro Mega Mix Put Together By DJ Mike. Get It Today For The Sale Price Of $30.00

  • Sale!

    One Of The Best Old Skool Funk Mixes You Are Going To Get

    DJ Mike Really Did His Thang On This One!!!

    Get It Today, On Sale For $40.00

  • Sale!

    This is a great Mix of Some of Prince's Best Hits.

    Get Your Copy Today

  • Sale!

    Best Of 80's Hip Hop Mixed Live!

    DJ Mike Put Together

    2 Hours & 59 min. Of

    Nothing But Killa

    Hip Hop From

    The 80's

  • Sale!

    Live Mix With DJ Mike Vol. II 90's R&B Hitz.

    This Will Definitely Have You Jumping & Jamming In Your Seats, Bed, & At Work!

  • Sale!

    90 R&B MIX Vol. I


    Live Mix With DJ Mike For 3 Hours. Here Some Of The Greatest Hitz From The 90's Mixed on Vol. I.

    Please Don't Forget To Get Vol. II As Well.

    It Is 2 Hours & 12 Minutes Of Continual Hitz Of The 90's


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